Life at Invinsec by Zuzana Baxendale

Overall my experience of work shadowing at Invinsec has been very positive. All of the team were very engaging and attentive, ensuring that I had plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and to get a flavour for what defensive computing would be like as a career choice.

The team seemed very keen to talk to me and ask about my current university work and what I wished to achieve during my work experience week. I managed to have meetings and informal chats with almost all staff, allowing me to ask lots of questions about their experiences in the field and get advice regarding furthering my studies and what extra skills would be worth developing. I learnt how the business was run and received advice on being a student considering cyber/defensive computing as a career option. I also managed to gain lots of insight about aspects of cyber security that I am interested in, such as ethical hacking and reverse engineering. I received plenty of information about courses that I can take and advice from Invinsec staff that have experience in those areas.

In terms of practical skills, I had the opportunity to code defensively in Python, utilising elasticsearch and security software including dashboards, writing regular expressions and learning about the management of the SOC. I had the chance to sit in on meetings and discussions, letting me get to grips with what that day to day expectations of the many roles at Invinsec are.

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the office, it was a wonderful working environment. I would highly recommended other students to consider Invinsec for work shadowing and/or a placement year. I am looking forward to future opportunities with the company.

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