Why should you outsource your cyber security?

Hiring an in-house IT security function is often the first port of call for larger companies, however this can be an expensive route to take. With a skills shortage in the cyber security field, even finding the right individuals to maintain your IT security may be an arduous task. Outsourcing your cyber security is a viable alternative and provides an all-inclusive simple solution of people, product and service to meet the needs of your business.

In-house vs outsourcing

Bringing an IT expert into your company to manage your cyber security may seem like the best option as it can lead to a long and invaluable professional relationship, but it does have its down-sides.

Time –One individual cannot monitor your systems 24/7 and 365 days of the year, which could mean hiring an entire team to ensure you are adequately protected against a potential cyber attack.

Cost –The cost of an in-house team could reach the realms of hundreds and thousands of pounds.

Training –Staff would need to be trained on the relevant systems which takes more time away from existing employees, and they would also need to be continually kept up to date with new software developments.

Outsourcing your cyber security negates all of the above. Interested?

Always on

We provide a team of cyber security experts 24/7, 365 days of the year to monitor and detect for cyber threats to your business from our Security Operations Centre (or SOC). Using our own technology, the highly skilled team can rapidly detect, prioritise and neutralise threats, alerting you when it counts through incident reports and ensuring your business stays protected from cyber criminals. Our team of real people are readily available for advice and provide intelligent briefing reports to ensure businesses stay informed about the latest threat landscape.

How our SOC can help your business

Our SOC is powered by our own, in-house developed SIEM platform, BroadBot, that has been designed to help our expert cyber security team understand attacks on devices in real-time. Due to the introduction of machine learning, we know what pattern hackers will follow and can logically predict which vulnerable assets they will approach, enabling us to quickly take action and protect your business.

Cyber security for everyone

We are not dependent on third party vendors and the costs that go with it because we own our technology. This means we’re able to provide an affordable and simple licencing model to suit the needs of any type of business, making cyber security more accessible.

We know we can’t rid the world of cyber criminals, but we can at least make an affordable cyber security solution available to all businesses who rightly wish to protect their data and the data of their customers, partners, shareholders and employees.

Get in contact today to find out how to outsource your cyber security.

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