Why Volume Licensing is Bad for Protective Monitoring

Volume licensing is essentially a consumption-based pricing model: you pay for what you use. Traditional, on-premises SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solutions usually operate on this basis, which has a number of key drawbacks for businesses:

  • Operational costs can be difficult to accurately predict and can rise sharply with higher demand which leads to painful choices having to be made about affordability and coverage.
  • Pricing models are highly complicated, including costs for build and deployment, which are often higher than anticipated.
  • Security support is often charged as an extra item, meaning end-to end, 24/7 monitoring becomes cost prohibitive.

Volume licensing forces businesses to make decisions about security priorities, with associated limitations to protection. Any activity that falls outside of the agreed license will either incur considerable additional cost or leave the business vulnerable to a breach.

Comprehensive security involves gathering information and data from all relevant devices and sending this to the SIEM solution, to proactively manage threats. Budgeting limitations may therefore cause businesses to opt for volume licensing with limited visibility, which is unable to offer protection or support growth without considerable additional cost. Alternatively, they may pay for licensing provision that far outweighs requirement, as this can be very hard to predict.

There is a better way

Invinsec is led by a highly skilled and experienced team, with deep experience of on-premises SIEM solutions. Given the limitations and increased costs identified above, we have combined our expertise to design and deliver a much more affordable and reliable software solution, combined with the service you need.

Invinsec’s platform “BroadBot” is a cloud-based product, which offers enhanced security via 360 degree, real-time vision of your IT infrastructure. This means our Security Operations team are alerted to any potential threats or compliance issues on your network and can respond proactively.

24/7/365 monitoring and predictable costs

Invinsec owns the BroadBot technology, meaning no third-party vendors or spiralling costs. We operate with a simple cost structure, not based on consumption, but on user numbers. This means businesses are easily able to assess their security costs, with no tough decisions to make around adequate protection.

We also provide a team of cyber security experts, who become your Security Operations Centre (SOC). They are the ‘eyes inside your business’, monitoring activity around the clock and alerting you to any potential threat. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Fit for the Future

Traditional on-premises SIEM solutions can be extremely ‘clunky’ to deploy and unable to keep pace with changing needs. By contrast, Invinsec’s cloud-based BroadBot offers a state-of-the-art security solution that can be quickly installed and scaled to any size of business. No hidden costs, an easy to understand per user (or device) pricing model, and the reassurance of round the clock expert monitoring. Just what you need.

To find out how BroadBot can protect your business against a cyber attack or discuss your organisation’s specific requirements, please get in contact with us.

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