Threat Intelligence Report: Phish Point

Threat intelligence is an elusive concept. Cyber-security vendors have developed numerous definitions for it based upon different procedural viewpoints. As a result, the key concept and principle of threat intelligence is explaining the role it plays within cyber-security and network defence, while offering advice and best practice. This will equip the reader with a basic understanding of the benefits of threat intelligence and the importance of investing effort and resources into responding to it.

A definition of Threat Intelligence:
[It is] evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets that can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response to that menace or hazard.

Name of Exploit

Type of Exploit
Credential harvester, phishing, URL re-direct, malicious

How Exploit is Spread 
The campaign is spread to victims via emails that contain a SharePoint or OneDrive link.

Global Risk
Moderate/High – This assessment largely depends upon internal user awareness programmes run by an organisation and any controls that may help.

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