Work Experience Day at Invinsec

During February half term 2019 I was given the amazing opportunity to spend the day with Invinsec Ltd in Cheltenham.   Aled Jones, Director of Customer Success, organised a well-planned day where I was introduced to many members of the Invinsec team.

Invinsec offers many different opportunities for their staff.  I learnt about how they look after their current Customers, making sure they are receiving outstanding service, and how they look for new Customers.  I found out about the technical side of the business and how the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform is used and the technology needed.  I met the team in Invinsec’s very own Security Operations Centre (SOC), where I discovered how the service works and what happens when a security issue arises.  During the latter part of the day I went on to learn about coding, software development and then finally technical engineering. 

It was a wonderful insight to a world I would like to be part of.

Angus May (aged 15) Student at SGS Berkeley Green University Technical College

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