Canary Honeypot – What is it?

When attackers have breached your network, one of the first actions they will take is to passively fingerprint the network to see what might be good to exfiltrate or encrypt.  When we detect any activity with the Canary or it’s associated files, we will be alerted therefore enabling further investigation by our analysts and, if we find it to be a true positive, we will let you know.

Why Volume Licensing is Bad for Protective Monitoring

Volume licensing is essentially a consumption-based pricing model: you pay for what you use. Traditional, on-premises SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solutions usually operate on this basis, which has a number of key drawbacks for businesses:

Looking Forward: IT Security Trends for 2019

Protecting an organisation from cyber crime is a relentless task, as both security solutions and means to attack continue to evolve. The repercussions of a security ‘incident’ can be costly, in terms of financial loss, data recovery and damage to reputation.