Company Culture and Values

Our core values are:

We respectfully express our thoughts and ideas without fear or intimidation.

We do the right thing all the time, especially when nobody is watching.

We do what we say we are going to do, and we will not let our customers or our colleagues down.

We value new ideas and are prepared to back them. We remain proactive and aim to stay ahead of the pack.

We give a fair price to our customers and a fair deal to our staff.

We actively support those less fortunate than ourselves.

Culture Summary:

  • Security Focus. We are a security company. Everyone, even the non-technical, must display and practice exemplary security, and have a plan for when things go wrong.
  • Customer focussed: We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and we aim to deliver them service excellence.
  • Team focussed: We operate as a team and we support each other and trust each other and take pride in it.  This includes the understanding that we always think the best of each other and seek to get the best out of each other.  We compete in the marketplace – not with each other.
  • Learning from our mistakes. Mistakes will happen – we are a new business. We learn from them and we aim to avoid repeating them. We see mistakes as a learning opportunity.
  • Output focus not time focus. The only time that is important is customer time and project time.  People can meet these in their own way, in agreement with their manager. We encourage flexibility in approach and in working hours.  This is not an excuse to do the bare minimum, it is more an opportunity to make the best use of our time for the Customer and the Company. This includes the opportunity to have fun.
  • Fix it if you see it. If you know something needs to be done, either do it yourself (and tell people you have done it!) or raise it with the person who you think should be doing it. Don’t walk past and hope someone else sees it.
  • We don’t assume: We don’t assume anything; we either know or we find out. We confirm things. When someone confirms something with us we know they are doing their job not trying to catch us out.
We aim to improve the cyber security monitoring market through the provision of a world class, real time, 24x7x365 security monitoring service that is affordable to all businesses, who rightly wish to protect their data and that of their customers, partners, shareholders and employees.