Cyber Security for Schools

Managing risk in the educational sector

The education sector accounted for 13% of data breaches, resulting in the compromise of 32 million records. Cyber attacks are one of the largest threats for schools, colleges and universities as educational networks continue to be the perfect playground for cyber criminals.

Students and staff become easy or soft targets for hackers through lack of awareness, poor data handling and accidental breaches. New figures show that over a fifth of education establishments will be affected.

Being proactive

How can schools, colleges and universities remain proactive in their approach to cyber security? External threats such as phishing, service attack and ransomware are on the rise. Hackers see educational institutions as easy targets, being able to obtain sensitive and personal data about students or staff. As technology evolves, so do the experts. It is crucial that schools, colleges and universities remain proactive in securing an effective information security framework.

Stay protected and be realistic

Are you leaving yourself open to a cyber attack? A team is only as good as its weakest link. In-house IT teams have to be at the top of their game. However, often the sheer weight of data and pace of technology outstrips staff and students. Coupled with legalities and compliance, this means the battle against cyber security is something that the education sector should no longer ignore. Understanding an educational institution’s limitations, and recognising external threats quickly and efficiently will be the difference in saving money, time and irreplaceable resources.

Are schools, colleges and universities prepared to protect their data and reputation, not to mention their students and staff?

Remain a step ahead

Too often, educational institutions leave their cyber security in the hands of an individual or in-house team, where the level of expertise with current cyber threats is limited. It is also impossible for them to monitor for unusual activity 24×7, and 365 days of the year.

The solution for schools, colleges and universities is to outsource their cyber security to an expert team that monitors 24x7x365 and provides an affordable licensing model.

Our cyber security service fuses people, processes and technology to create a highly effective solution.

  • We can monitor systems, servers, networks and data covered by laws (such as the GDPR) and ensure good data management
  • Our expert team closely monitors your systems to identify and report threat activity instantly. Creating a fast and more reliable service
  • We provide simple, affordable licensing models
  • A Security Operations Centre (SOC) that protects schools 24×7, 365 days of the year

See how cyber security can be affordable for your school, college or university

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