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On-premise vs Invinsec for comprehensive security solutions

Protecting your company from data theft is becoming increasingly important, particularly with the new GDPR legislation. Often businesses only think of hiring an in-house team to monitor security threats through a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and do not consider other viable, and often more affordable and reliable alternatives.

How does an on-premise SIEM compare to the services offered by Invinsec?

There are two major barriers to on-premise SIEM, which are people and cost.

Finding the right, highly skilled people and 24×7 cover, 365 days of the year is a major issue when considering an on-premise SIEM. It’s very costly to resource an in-house team to monitor all of your systems, all of the time.We offer the provision of a 24x7x365 service from our highly sophisticated Security Operations Centre (SOC.); closely monitoring your systems to ensure any adverse activity is identified and reported instantly to protect your business from cyber threats. 

With the best of intentions many businesses spend a lot of money on a patchwork of expensive IT security solutions, choosing best in class or siloed systems. SIEM pricing models are highly complex and the cost of an in-house team monitoring end to end 24x7x365 is extremely high and unachievable for most businesses leaving them open to threat.Our cyber security service is a predictable and affordable option paid for on a rolling monthly contract, often on a per user basis and with no hidden costs; meaning you have a more flexible option that’s not subject to change or wage inflation. 


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A cost comparison of on-premise SIEM vs Invinsec

We believe on-premise SIEM is rarely a viable cyber security solution for businesses and have provided a conservative cost comparison in our whitepaper, which concludes the 3-year costs of an on-premise SIEM for an organisation of 1,500 is in excess of £1m.

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Invinsec Dashboards

At Invinsec, we believe in giving our Customers full access to and visibility of their data. You see what we see! We do this through our fully customisable dashboard package which, out of the box, reports on all the key data that you are likely to want to see. We will then work with you to adapt your package to satisfy any specific reporting requirements that you may have.

For an introduction to our dashboard package, please see the following video:

We aim to improve the cyber security monitoring market through the provision of a world class, real time, 24x7x365 security monitoring service that is affordable to all businesses, who rightly wish to protect their data and that of their customers, partners, shareholders and employees.